Multi-Defense System

Building Size: 3x3


This new defensive proposition should create the need for players to develop a variety of strategies that will take advantage of all bots classes and the wide array of unique abilities already available.

Option 1: Plasma Cannon


Original name: Plasma Cannon
Range: Long
Description: Fire plasma that sets targets on fire dealing damage over time. Can attack airborne targets.

Option 2: Laser Gun


Original name: Laser Gun
Range: Medium
Description: Fire a beam chain that can hit up to 5 targets and punches through 30% of shield protection.

Option 3: Minigun


Original name: Minigun
Range: Short
Description: Fire a cone of bullets dealing piercing through your enemies armor causing them to receive +40% dmg.


Level Health DPS Upgrade Cost Build Time Requirement
1 6700 375 120,000 Z-Energon & 8,400,000 Alloy HQ 17