Event Details

Start: Tuesday, May 31st

Ends: Monday, June 13th

The fight for Earth's Fate is hotting up with more combatants entering the foray, but which bot is the strongest of them all? Over the course of two weeks we'll be asking the Transformers: Earth Wars community to vote for their favourite bot. Best of all each vote towards a bot will count towards an entry into our sweepstake for the change to win a pair of tickets to Universal Studios Florida(inc. Flights)!

Want a bigger breakdown on how the competition works? Then watch the video below and get the low-down on how you could win big.

How to Enter

Over two weeks we will be posting up groups of Transformers characters and asking you to vote on which are your favourite by commenting on our social media channels. After the group stages individual bots will go head to head in stages where they will face off with one another in a continued voting phase until we've crowned your Ultimate Transformers Character. For more information, check out the video below and make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and vote daily, as each vote ups your chances of winning in our competition!


31/05/16 - Facebook
01/06/16 - Twitter
02/06/16 - Instagram
03/06/16 - Facebook
04/06/16 - Twitter
05/06/16 - Instagram
06/06/16 - Facebook
07/06/16 - Twitter
08/06/16 - Facebook
09/06/16 - Twitter

[Further dates will be announced as #EarthsFate posts are released]

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