Event Details

Soundwave has infiltrated the world’s largest data center in Nevada and is altering news stories to spread anti-Autobot propaganda. Humans are holding the Autobots responsible for draining Earth’s natural resources, increasing global warming, and more!

Fight for your faction's beliefs and win War Game Crystals for the chance to unlock Pipes or Offroad!

Start Date: 25/11/16 11:00 UTC
End Date: 28/11/16 11:00 UTC

How to participate

  • Reach Headquarters level 4 & join an Alliance!
  • Tap the Event button!
  • Select an Event Battle Zone to fight in!
  • Win your battle and gather Battle Points!
  • Collect prizes!

Event Prizes

Prize Battle Points
50,000 Alloy 1,200
250 Spark 2,400
25,000 Energon 3,600
3 Star Crystal Shards (x40) 4,800
War Games Crystal 6,000

Prestiges allowed: 60
Bonus Experience: Earn Double XP in Event Battle Zones!