Have you ever wanted to see the classic teams standing together? Have you ever wondered what bots you are missing in each category? Then this feature is for you!

Collections list all bots in the game by the team they are part of, and show you exactly how good your collection already is!


Q) How are bot Collections points calculated?

A) The higher the star rating, the higher the point value. If a bot is part of a team, you’ll get some extra points on top. Bots from the other faction count as well, but are worth fewer points.

Q) How do the Collections point tiers work?

A) Points required and the corresponding decal are listed below

Points Required Rank Name
0+ Private
1000+ Corporal
3000+ Sergeant
5000+ Lieutenant
7000+ Captain
9000+ Lieutenant Commander
11000+ Commander
13000 Prime


Q) Why does it say 4/8 Combiners (or similar)? Is it counting the opposite faction as well?

A) The 3 and 4 star combiner versions are counted individually. Opposite faction combiners are not counted at all.

Q) Do Combiners and Power Cores give score points?

A) Combiners and Prime Cores give points, normal Power Cores do not.

Q) Where can I access Collections?

A) There is a new option in the Menu to access Collections:


Q) What are the three sections in Collections?


  • Overview displays the player rank, alliance rank, global rank and a button to access the Collections Leaderboard.

  • My Collection displays the visual breakdown of your bots by team. Clicking on any of the Teams brings up the bots in the showroom, split by the stars for which they can be obtained.

  • Details displays your total Collection points and a detailed breakdown of your bots in another display: