Improve your Buildings by equipping these Power Cores!

(Stats listed are for Lv1 Gold Power Cores)


bld_Attack.png Attack +4% attack damage.
bld_Armor.png Armor +5% building health.
bld_selfrepair.png Self Repair Restores 0.9% health per second.
Death_Pulse_HQ175.png Death Pulse On 0 health: EMP explosion stunning targets in a large area for 2.8 seconds.

Auto Cannon

bld_explosiveshells.png Explosive Shells Deals 54% of original damage to all targets in a small area. No knockback.
High_Velocity_Shells_HQ175.png High Velocity Shells Deals percentage of original damage through everything in a straight line to the target and beyond.


bld_incendiary.png Incendiary Fiery explosions deal damage over 6 seconds. +14% attack damage. No knockback.
bld_targetprotocol.png Target Protocol Prioritizes gunners and medics. Attack range increased by 15%. Damage reduced to 74%.

Missile Launcher

bld_guidedmissiles.png Guided Missiles Laser guided single-target missiles. Deals 64% of original damage.

Laser Turret

bld_antiairlaser.png Anti-Air Laser +36% attack range and +106% damage. Can only attack airborne targets.
Laser_Ricochet.png Laser Ricochet Damage of the Laser Turret increased by a percentage. The laser bounces to a second target dealing a percentage of the first laser hit. Can't attack airborne targets.


Point_Defense_Beam.png Point Defense Beam Deals damage to a single target. Can damage airborne targets and prioritizes gunners.
Omni_Flamer.png Omni-Flamer Torches all nearby enemies, dealing damage.
adaptive_shielding.png Adaptive Shielding A percentage reduction to Special Ability and Combiner damage.

Beam Laser

CybertronianCharge.png Cybertronian Charge Increases the range of the Beam Laser by a percentage. The longer the beam stays on target the more damage it inflicts (up to a percentage if uninterrupted).
Slowdown_Photon.png Slowdown Photon Attack range of the Beam Laser increased by a percentage. Slows down opponents walking and attack speed by a percentage.

Shock Tower

EmpShock.png Emp Shock Stuns targets for seconds. Damage reduced to a percentage.
Thunderstorm.png Thunderstorm Range of the Shock Tower increased by a percentage. Damage reduced to a percentage.

Build Bot Power Cores (HQ 17.5 Only)

Zone_Heal_Core_HQ175.png Zone Heal Core Restores a percentage health of nearby buildings every 5 seconds.
Lightning_Rod_HQ175.png Lightning Rod Protects nearby allies from EMP effect. Percentage Range increase.
Force_Field_Disruptor_HQ175.png Force Field Disruptor Disables nearby enemies shields. Percentage Range increase.