What are Prime Cores?

Each Prime Core carries a fragment of a Prime’s ability and grants it to the Cybertronian who wields it. Containing power far beyond that of a standard Power Core, Prime Cores are unique items that will change the way you approach a battle.

Important Facts about Prime Cores:

  • You can only get 1 copy of each Prime Core. Think carefully about which bot gets it!
  • Prime Cores can’t be fused into other cores, so there’s no risk of losing them.
  • Prime Cores have a maximum level of 20.
  • Prime Cores are given through Prime Core Chips. Every Prime Core Chip guarantees a new Prime Core - no duplicates!
  • There are 12 Prime Cores available.

Liege Maximo Nearby outpost bots are hacked for a short time. You cannot be hacked.
Megatronus Elemental flame surrounds you, dealing a percentage of your damage every second to targets next to you.
Micronus Restores health to all nearby teammates every 5 seconds.
Alchemist Prime All of your attacks heal you for a percentage of the Damage done.
Vector Prime On 0 health, you go back in time to the location and health you had some seconds ago. One use per battle!
Alpha Trion Prime
You gain 1 Ability Point every 35 [or at max level: 16] seconds.
Solus Prime Equips to: Every 15 seconds you create a turret that has a percentage of your health and damage and lasts for 12 seconds.
Onyx Prime
Greatly boosts damage of regular attacks and reduces damage taken below 40% Health.
Amalgamous Prime While in alt mode, increases all damage dealt by the equipped bot (including abilities) and restores health every 0.5 seconds.
Quintus Prime Each time a building or outpost bot is destroyed, create a Sharkticon with a percentage of your Health and Damage that lasts for 7 seconds.
Nexus Prime If you deploy before your Combiner deploys, your Combiner will deal a percentage of additional damage with all attacks. When the bot equipped is in battle, Combiners on defense now receive additional damage.
Prima Prime Enemies hit by your basic attacks take extra damage from all sources for 5 seconds.