Alliances are a group of players within the same faction who join together and battle it out in Alliance Wars. Work together with your fellow Alliance members as you climb the global rankings and win resources in daily Alliance Wars.

Joining/Leaving an Alliance

Once you've upgraded your Headquarters to level 4 you will unlock the ability to create your own Alliance or join an existing Alliance. If you wish to join an existing Alliance you will be shown a list of recommended Alliances or you can find a specific Alliance by using the Search feature.

By tapping on an Alliance you're able to view their profile, which will show you information such as their leaderboard and stats (total wars won) as well giving you the ability to join. If an Alliance is set to "By Request", then tapping on "Join Alliance" will send a join request to that Alliance for their consideration.

If you wish to leave an Alliance you can do so by simply tapping "Leave Alliance" from your Alliance Profile. Please note, if you're the Commander of your Alliance you will be asked to assign a new Commander before you leave.

Creating an Alliance

Once you've unlocked the ability to access Alliances at Headquarters level 4, you can create your own Alliance for 15,000 Alloy. When creating an Alliance you will see the following options:

  • Alliance Name - select a name for your Alliance (NOTE: this cannot be changed)
  • Alliance Emblem - select an emblem and colour to identify your Alliance
  • Alliance Description - enter a short description for your Alliance which other players can see when viewing your Alliance Profile (TIP: some players use this to advertise the requirements to join their Alliance)
  • Message of the Day - a short daily message which is pinned to the top of your Alliance Chat
  • Alliance Type - set your Alliance Status as "By Request" if you wish to manually accept a player into your Alliance, or "Open" if any players can join your Alliance.

Alliance Roles

Commanders and Officers share the leadership responsibility within their Alliance. As such they have the ability to add/remove Alliance members, update the "Message of the Day" and enroll in an Alliance War.

  • Commander - Commanders can update any of the Alliance Settings (Alliance Emblem, description, message of the day and Alliance type), add/remove players from the Alliance, promote a player to the Officer role or enroll in an Alliance war.
  • Officers - Officers are second in command and have the ability to update the "Message of the Day", add/remove players from the Alliance and enroll in an Alliance War.

Alliance Wars

Fight an enemy Alliance for glory and epic rewards! Earn War Points by destroying enemy bases one at a time. Can you make it all the way to the final HQ and defeat the Commander?

Win Alliance Wars to earn stars and climb the Leagues for greater rewards. Losing Wars deducts stars and causes relegation.

If both Alliances in a war have a different amount of members then the Alliance with the lowest amount of members will be used for scoring.

Example: If Alliance A has 35 members, Alliance B has 40 members, then the top 35 scores would be used for both Alliances to determine a winner.

Alliance War Requirements

Depending on which league you are competing in, you must have the minimum number of members in order to initiate a war.

League Name Required Alliance Members To Join Premium Crystal Shard Reward Spark Reward Energon Reward Alloy Reward Z-Energon
Junkion League 6 Members 100 1,000 10,000 10,000
Carbon League 10 Members 125 2,000 20,000 20,000
Bronze League 15 Members 150 3,000 30,000 30,000
Silver League 20 Members 175 4,000 60,000 60,000
Gold League 20 Members 200 5,000 150,000 150,000 5,000
Platinum League 20 Members 225 7,000 200,000 200,000 6,000
Caminus League 20 Members 250 10,000 250,000 250,000 8,000
Cybertron League 20 Members 300 15,000 350,000 350,000 10,000
Prime League* 30 Members 1000 30,000 400,000 400,000 15,000

* Due to the difficulty of this league, we have enabled the following rewards for the alliance that loses the war:

  • 10,000 Spark
  • 250 Premium Shards
  • 250,000 Energon
  • 250,000 Alloy

New Prime League Effects:

  • +50% Attack Speed for Mortars
  • +25% Damage for Cannons

Please note:

  • You must participate (score more than 0) to receive the rewards for losing.
  • Prime League effects do not stack

Alliance Rankings

Battle it out against fellow and rival Alliances to reach the top of our global rankings. Tap the Rankings button in-game to view the "Top Alliances" and "Most Alliance Wars Won".

Alliance Battles

The points awarded by winning a battle depends on which node the base was and matches the points that you win from that base:

  • Node 1 - 15 pts
    • Win at 1st attempt: +15
    • Win at 2nd attempt: +10
    • Win at 3rd attempt: +5
  • Node 2 - 30 pts (nodes 1&2 max total: 45pts)
    • Win at 1st attempt: +30
    • Win at 2nd attempt: +20
    • Win at 3rd attempt: +10
  • Node 3 - 45pts (nodes 1 to 3 max total: 90pts)
    • Win at 1st attempt: +45
    • Win at 2nd attempt: +30
    • Win at 3rd attempt: +15
  • Node 4 - 60pts (nodes 1 to 4 max total: 150pts)
    • Win at 1st attempt: +60
    • Win at 2nd attempt: +40
    • Win at 3rd attempt: +20
  • Node 5 - 75pts (nodes 1 to 5 max total: 225pts)
    • Win at 1st attempt: +75
    • Win at 2nd attempt: +50
    • Win at 3rd attempt: +25

Hard Battles

New Alliance War type! Hard Battles are an even harder version of an Alliance War battle to offer you the opportunity to win more points for your alliance.

The Hard Battles effect the following:

  • +10% Health to all defenses
  • +15% DPS for all defenses
  • Outpost Bots Have 25% More Health and do 25% More Dmg
  • 20% Range Increase and Increased Attack Speed for Laser Turrets
  • Resource Buildings explode on death causing 2500 damage in a small area

The extra points awarded by winning a hard battle depends on which node the base was and matches the points that you win from that base:

  • Node 1 +5 points
  • Node 2 +10 points
  • Node 3 +15 points
  • Node 4 +20 points
  • Node 5 +25 points

The new possible total if you win every battle in a hard setting is 300 points. This option is currently only available for Prime League battles.