Q) How do I unlock the new Combiner buildings?

A) The new Combiner buildings (Combiner Lab, Ore-13 Harvester and Ore-13 Storage) can be constructed once you’ve completed the Combiner Wars campaign.

Q) What is Ore-13?

A) Ore-13 is a new currency unlocked once you’ve completed the Combiner Wars campaign. It is used to activate your Combiner to take them into battle.

Q) What is Combiner Spark?

A) Combiner Spark is used to upgrade the health and damage of your Combiner.

Q) Can I use a mix star ratings on bots to unlock a Combiner?

A) Yes you can use a mix of 3, 4 and 5-Star bots to unlock a 3-Star Combiner.

Q) How do I unlock a 4-Star Combiner?

A) Once you’ve collected all the 4 or 5-Star Bots used in a Combiner, you can Rank Up your Combiner’s star rating to 4-Star similar to how you rank up your bots.

Q) How do I unlock a 5-Star Combiner?

A) Only Omega Supreme (Autobot) and Overlord (Decepticon) are 5-Star Combiners. Omega Supreme requires a Rocketship part and Overlord requires an Omegajet part, which can be purchased from the Shanix store.

Q) If I rank up my Combiner from 3-Star to 4-Star, will I lose any upgrade levels?

A) If you've ranked up your Combiner you will keep any upgrade levels gained e.g. Level 4 3-Star Combiner will become a Level 4 4-Star Combiner.

Q) Can I use Combiners to defend my base?

A) It’s not possible to defend your base using a Combiner.

Q) How do I get more Ore-13?

A) You can harvest up to x2.0 Ore-13 per hour from your Ore-13 Harvester.

Q) Can I upgrade any the Ore-13 Harvester or Ore-13 Storage?

A) Yes, please see the following pages for more information: Ore-31 Harvester and Ore-13 Storage

Q) Is it possible to raid Ore-13 from another player’s base?

A) Currently it’s only possible to obtain Ore-13 from your Ore-13 Harvester. It is not possible to raid it from another player’s base.

Q) How do I get Combiner Spark?

A) You can obtain Combiner Spark from duplicate bots in the Space Bridge.

Q) Can I still obtain Combiner Spark from duplicates in the Space Bridge if I haven’t built the Combiner Lab?

A) Yes, any Combiner Spark will still be stored and can be found in the Combiner Lab once you construct it in your base and collect all the necessary bots to combine your Combiner.

Q) Can I unlock Combiners from Events?

A) Combiners can only be unlocked in the Combiner Lab. However, we may offer Ore-13 as an Event Prize which can be used to activate a Combiner.

Q) Are there more Combiners coming to the game?

A) We plan to continue to release more Combiners in the game in the future.