Current Events

Event Start Date End Date
Blast From the Past April 21st 2017 April 24th 2017

Past Events

Event Start Date End Date
Mixed Signals April 14th 2017 April 17th 2017
A Stitch in Time April 7th 2017 April 10th 2017
Primal Instinct March 31st 2017 April 3rd 2017
Big Bang! March 24th 2017 March 27th 2017
Battle Hardened March 17th 2017 March 20th 2017
Bit of a Longshot March 10th 2017 March 13th 2017
Project Supernova March 3rd 2017 March 6th 2017
Target Locked! February 24th 2017 February 27th 2017
Working The Sharks Out February 17th 2017 February 20th 2017
Feeding Frenzy February 10nd 2017 February 13th 2017
What Doesn't Kill You... February 3rd 2017 February 6th 2017
Countdown to Combination January 27th 2017 January 30th 2017
Breaking Point January 20th 2017 January 23th 2017
Race Day Mayhem January 13th 2017 January 16th 2017
The Big Thaw! January 6th 2017 January 9th 2017
Monster Within December 30th 2016 January 2nd 2017
What Lies Beneath December 23th 2016 December 26th 2016
Frozen Fortress December 16th 2016 December 19th 2016
Arctic Signal December 9th 2016 December 12th 2016
Reinforcements December 2nd 2016 December 5th 2016
War Games November 25th 2016 November 28th 2016
Aftermath November 18th 2016 November 21st 2016
Some Assembly Required November 11th 2016 November 14th 2016
Heavy Metal War November 4th 2016 November 7th 2016
Release the Sharkticons October 28th 2016 October 31st 2016
Shark Bait October 21st 2016 October 24th 2016
Depths of Aquatron October 14th 2016 October 17th 2016
Gone Fishing October 7th 2016 October 10th 2016
Rumble in the Jungle September 30th 2016 October 3rd 2016
Fire on the Mountain September 23rd 2016 September 26th 2016
Light our Darkest Hour September 16th 2016 September 19th 2016
Divide and Conquer September 9th 2016 September 12th 2016
Till All Are One September 2nd 2016 September 5th 2016
Return to Crystal City August 26th 2016 August 29th 2016
Ruby Mines August 19th 2016 August 22nd 2016
Strafe vs. Scourge August 12th 2016 August 15th 2016
Operation Snakebite August 5th 2016 August 8th 2016
Crystal City July 29th 2016 August 1st 2016
Charging In July 22nd 2016 July 25th 2016
Roll for It July 15th 2016 July 18th 2016
Windfall July 8th 2016 July 11th 2016
Decoy Dash July 1st 2016 July 4th 2016
More Than Meets the Eye June 23rd 2016 June 28th 2016


How do I earn Battle Points during an event?
Battle Points can only be earned by winning a battle in an Event Battle Zone. Event Battle Zones are accessed through the event menu. Event Battle Zones offer Battle Points and Bonus Experience, but do not reward Energon or Alloy.

More challenging Event Battle Zones will reward additional Battle Points!

What are prestiges?
Increase Prestige to complete events again!

  • Completing an event increases Prestige by 1 level.
  • Prestige can be checked on the event's Battle screen.
  • Events with no limitation can be Prestiged infinitely!

How does an event leaderboard work?
Any battle points earned will also contribute towards a global leaderboard, where you can unlock additional prizes depending on your ranking. Leaderboard prizes are rewarded at the end of an event.

How does an alliance event work?
During an alliance event, each member of your alliance will contribute battle points towards the totaliser. If there is an event leaderboard, their battle points will also contribute towards this. Upon unlocking a totaliser prize, every player who is currently in your alliance will receive their reward.

Event leaderboard prizes are rewarded to all players in your alliance at the end of the event. If you're not in your alliance when the event ends, you will not receive any leaderboard prizes.

Why didn't I receive my rewards during an alliance event?
During an alliance event you must stay in your alliance until prizes are rewarded or you won't receive them. This includes any leaderboard prizes, which are rewarded at the end of an event.

When are leaderboard prizes rewarded?
Leaderboard prizes are rewarded at the end of an event. Once the event has ended we will reward alliances with their prizes over a 4 hour period.

What happens if I move to another alliance during an Alliance Event?
Any Battle Points stay with the alliance that you’ve earned them for.