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Q) Why can't I upgrade my bots?

A) Each bot in the game has a max level, this level is depending on their star rating. These are as follows:

  • 1 Star - Max level 20
  • 2 Stars - Max level 40
  • 3 Stars - Max level 60
  • 4 Stars - Max level 65
  • 5 Stars - Max level 65

Bots must be upgraded every 10 levels in order to earn experience.

Q) How is XP split out in battles?

A) XP in battles is determined in the following way:

  • For each building that is destroyed, XP is added into a pot.
  • At the end of battle the XP from the pot is divided between the deployed troops.
  • Winning the battle will net the most XP as it counts all buildings as being destroyed.
  • Troops that are not used will not earn XP.

Q) Can I target a player's Headquarters using my bot's ability?

A) Yes, however there is a 50% reduction in damage.

Q) How do shields work?

A) The amount of time your base is protected by the shield is based on the number of battles you do in a week. As of May 5th 2020, we have made some tweaks to duration of the shield based on the amount of battles you do.

  • Once defeated, you won't be attacked for the next 6 hours (effectively a shield)
  • You can be attacked when you are online
  • When YOU attack, you will not break your 6 hour 'shield'
  • The length of the shield will be determined on how much you battle / play the game

Q) Can I uninstall / reinstall without losing my progress?

A) If your account has been connected to Game Center or Google Play it can easily be recovered by logging back into one of these once you have reinstalled the game.

Q) Why can't I install the game on my device?

A) Due to technical limitations of your device it is not supported, this means that you will not be able to download Transformers: Earth Wars. We strive to make the game available to as wide a range of devices as we can, however this is not always possible due to hardware limitations.

Q) Where can I contact support?

A) You can contact support from in game by going to Menu > Contact Us. If you can not contact us from within the game, you may e-mail us at moc.srawhtraesremrofsnart|troppus#moc.srawhtraesremrofsnart|troppus.

Q) Can I play more than one base on my device?

A) Generally it is not recommended to have more than one account on one device as this can cause problems, especially when switching between which could result in you losing your account. Officially we only support one account per device.

Q) Why was my duplicate Bot not converted into Spark?

A) In Transformers: Earth Wars, it is possible to have up to 5 versions of the same character as they have different star ratings. A higher star Bot will have higher base stats than a lower star one, which means it is possible to upgrade it further. However, you cannot bring multiple versions of the same troop into battle.

Q) What determines how much Alloy and Energon I receive when destroying an opponents base?

A) This will depend on which Battle Zone you selected. Each Battle Zone has a different Max Limit of Energon and Alloy. It also depends on which Battle Zone you choose to gain Medals and more XP gain. For example, if you have 2000 Medals, you will have to play Battle Zone 6 to gain more medals since Battle Zone 5 has a Max Medal tier of 2,000.

The amount of medals that you can acquire from a battle depends on the zone you are fighting in as well as the difficulty of the opponent in comparison to your team strength. You don't receive a set amount of medals per zone. Each battle zone displays the limit of medals you are allowed to have before losing the ability to gain medals from that particular zone.

Q) When in an Alliance, what determines how much Alloy/Energon/Sparks I receive after winning and/or participating in an Alliance War?

A) The rewards for each league are shown in the prizes tab of the alliance war menu.

  • Junkion League: 300 Spark, 3,500 Energon and Alloy
  • Carbon League: 1,000 Spark, 10,000 Energon and Alloy
  • Bronze League: 1,500 Spark, 30,000 Energon and Alloy
  • Silver League: 2,500 Spark, 60,000 Energon and Alloy
  • Gold League: 4,500 Spark, 150,000 Energon and Alloy.
  • Platinum League: 6,500 Spark, 200,000 Energon and Alloy.
  • Cybertron League: 10,000 Spark, 250,000 Energon and Alloy.

Q) What are the requirements in order to qualify for Alliance War rewards?

A) You are required to be a member of an Alliance from the declaration of the war through to the conclusion to be eligible for the rewards.

Q) If I retreat from a battle, will my bots be put on cooldown?

A) Any bot that has been deployed in battle before retreating will be placed on cooldown. If you do not deploy a bot but take it with you to battle it will not be on cooldown. If you enter a battle then leave it without completing the battle, it will react as if you lost the battle.

Q) Can I change factions once I choose to join the Autobots and Decepticons?

A) No, you can only play one side per account creation.

Q) What determines the Alliance War lineup?


  • 1 "Easy" player
  • 1 "Medium" player
  • 2 "Hard" players
  • 1 Commander

The easy, medium and hard players are determined by their defensive power.

Q) What determines which characters are walking around my base?

A) Bots are picked randomly to appear on the canvas. Bots in outposts will appear and after a battle you will see the bots exiting your shuttle. The amount of bots depends on the spec of the device.

Q) I have a variety of Battle Boosts, but when I'm in battle, I can only use the one that is first selected. How can I change the boost that is usable in the Battle?

A) To use a different Battle Boost, you can select the boost in the lower right hand side of the screen prior to dropping the first bot down to battle. A UI will appear that will let you choose which boost to use.

Q) What determines the length of bot cooldowns?

A) Both star rating and bot level determine the length of cooldowns.
For example, a 2-Star level 20 Starscream will have a longer cooldown than a 1-Star level 20 Starscream.

Q) Why are my Fuel Cells not regenerating?

A) The maximum amount of Fuel Cells you can have before they stop regenerating is 50. Once you exceed this they will no longer regenerate until you drop below 50 Fuel Cells again.

Q) What is the maximum Player Rank?

A) The maximum player rank is 90.

Q) What happens if a War is tied by score?

A) The Alliance that reaches the highest score first will be the winner. I.e if both alliances have 690 points, the alliance that reached 690 first will be the victor. If it’s a tie and neither Alliance have scored then neither will win.

Q) What determines the amount of starting ability points during a battle?

A) The amount of ability points you start with during a battle depends on your Headquarters level.

HQ Level Starting Ability Points
1 4
2 6
3 8
4 10
5 12
6 14
7 16
8 17
9 18
10 19
11 20
12 21
13 22
14 23
15 24
16 28
17 32

Q) Why do zone recommended powers change?

A) Recommended power for zones can change. When you lose battles in a particular zone, the recommended power for that zone will increase as the game detects that you are having difficulty in this zone. Therefore it recommends you a higher power to suggest what is required to win in that zone.

Q) What role do obstacles have during a battle?

A) Obstacles have no role during combat and are blocking your base development. They are both walkable and fire-through. As they cannot be built they will not provide any benefit and to give them a gameplay role in battle would be a disadvantage to players who have removed them.

Q) Can I upgrade my Research Lab when researching a bot?

A) If you're researching a bot to increase their power and raise their XP level cap, you will not be able to upgrade your Research Lab until the research is complete.

Q) How do Combiners work?

A) Visit our Combiner FAQs here!

Q) Why am I never attacked?

A) Matchmaking plays a large role when determining how often you are attacked. After being attacked, you will receive a shield for 6 hours. If you aren't attacked for 6 hours after your shield has fallen, an automatic shield will activate. Why the player wasn't attack varies heavily on several factors that are based on matchmaking. Perhaps his base is maxed out and the system had a hard time trying to find an opponent, as an example.

Q) Why can't I change my squad?

A) This usually happens when the Shuttle is upgrading. You will need to wait for the shuttle to finish upgrading in order to save new squad layouts. For a Temporary layout, you will be able to change your bots on the pre-battle screen.

Q) What happens if you already have all of the 5 star bots offered in the 5 star crystal at the current time?

A) You will be unable to claim the 5 star crystal. You do not get duplicates or shards from 5* crystals, so the player will need to wait until more 5*'s become available.

Q) Why haven't I received the newsletter? How often does the newsletter go out?

A) Our newsletters are typically sent out around the time of new features or bots within the game, not on a weekly basis. To sign up to our mailing list, please go to the newsfeed in-game and tap the "Sign Up Now" button.

Q) Why am I not receiving any rewards from Wars?

A) Anytime you acquire resources, (Alloy or Energon) it will be added to your active total of resources. The only exception here is Alloy or Energon that is purchased from a bundle AND Energon obtained from weekend event crystals.

Q) How to unlock new squad slots?

A) Additional squad slots are unlocked based on the combined power of all of your bots.