• Achievements - Check and complete your goals to claim rewards, such as Cyber Coins and Spark!
  • Inventory - View your items and battle boosts.
  • Edit Mode - Edit your base layout.
  • Contact Us - Are you having problems? Find your answer with your FAQs or contact us!
  • Battle History - view the outcomes of your previous battles, both offense and defense.
  • Settings - Adjust game settings and options, such as toggle music/sound effects on and off, change your in-game name and enable/disable notifications.

Base Screen

The top left contains your player profile information, this includes:

  • Your base Name - you are granted a one-time token to change your name from the one originally given
  • The name of your Alliance
  • Your Avatar - this can be changed by tapping the image
  • Your Player Rank - this allows you to unlock further HQ levels
  • Your Shield timer - After being attacked you will obtain a shield for a period of time in order to rebuild without being attacked. The time shown is how much time you have before your base is no longer shielded.
  • Your Medal count - earn more by battling other players

The top right shows your current resources:

  • Alloy and Energon - looted from battles or harvested, tapping on these will display total storage space available
  • Fuel Cells
  • Cyber Coins

Along the bottom are buttons to take you to various areas of the game. From left to right:

  • Ranking - Leaderboard of the top players and Alliances
  • Team - A showroom to display the Transformers characters you have collected
  • Menu
  • Build - Construct defences and utility buildings
  • Battle
  • Alliance - Team up and fight!

Whilst on the base screen you may see your bots walking around the base, tap on them for a closer look!

Edit Mode

Edit Mode allows you to change your base layout by rearranging the buildings on your home canvas. To enter Edit Mode, you can either select and hold a building or go to Menu > Edit Mode.
Selecting a building whilst in edit mode will show you its radius, dragging it will move it to a new position.

  • If the building has a green base, it is in a valid position to be placed.
  • If the building has a red base, parts of the building are overlapping another building. This is an invalid position and you won't be able to save your edits.
  • If the building has an orange base, it is directly above another building. This will swap the position of the two buildings.

The "Info" button will show the radius of all defences.
The "Multi" button allows you to drag and select multiple buildings at once.

Once you are happy with your changes, pressing "Ok" will save your changes. If you have a building in an invalid position (overlapping another), the changes will not save until all buildings are in a valid position. "Auto Resolve" will move buildings to the closest valid position.

Battle Screen

The Battle screen shows:

  • Story Mode
  • Attack A Rival Player

Story Mode is made up of several campaigns that delve into why the Autobots and Decepticons have arrived on Earth.

"Attack A Rival Player" is where regular PvP battles take place. Here you can raid Energon and Alloy, win Medals and earn XP for your characters! You will face harder or easier opponents depending on which zone you attack. You can find more zones by upgrading your Scanner.


Your inventory will display any items or Battle Boosts you have obtained. This will also include any rewards that have been stashed to your inventory.