Story Mode

Story Mode is made up of several campaigns that delve into why the Autobots and Decepticons have come to Earth and what it is exactly that they are looking for.
Currently there are five campaigns:

  • Get Optimus! / Get Megatron!
    • Campaign reward: Optimus Prime/ Megatron (2 Star)
  • The Lost Map - An ancient Cybertronian artifact lies hidden, somewhere on Earth. But the map leading to it is shattered… and lost!
    • Reward: Sunstreaker/ Swindle (1 Star)
  • Power Play - The race is on to complete the Fractal Map… and claim power beyond measure!
    • Reward: Ratchet/ Hook (1 Star)
  • The Codex Showdown - Whoever claims the Codex Key and deciphers the encrypted map pieces solves the mystery of the ancestors
    • Reward: Bumblebee/ Skrapnel (2 Star)
  • Combiner Wars - The Enigma of Combination is within reach! Can we unleash its power and activate Superion/ Devastator?
    • Reward: Unlock new Combiner buildings and resources!
  • Secrets of Nebulos - A secret task force is sent out to investigate rumors of mysterious technology emerging on the battlefields.
    • Reward: Unlock the Power Cores Lab and wield the power of Power Cores!
  • Return to Cybertron - Autobots and Decepticons form an unholy alliance as they join forces in the battle for Cybertron!

Story Mode is written by renowned Transformers comics writer, Simon Furman.

Attack a Rival Player

Battle players from across the globe for resources and to level up your Transformers characters!

Choose which difficulty level opponent you face by zone. Lower zones will yield less rewards than higher ones, increase your Scanner to find more zones to attack.

Win up to the following amounts in each zone:

Zone Energon Alloy Medals XP Boost (%)
1 1,500 1,800 400 +0
2 4,000 5,000 800 +10
3 10,000 12,000 1,200 +20
4 20,000 20,000 1,600 +30
5 50,000 62,000 2,000 +40
6 110,000 130,000 2,400 +50
7 150,000 180,000 2,800 +60
8 200,000 250,000 3,200 +70
9 350,000 430,000 3,600 +80
10 450,000 560,000 4,000 +90
11 550,000 680,000 4,500 +100
12 650,000 810,000 8,000 +110
13 1,000,000 1,200,000 12,000 +120%
14 1,800,000 2,000,000 20,000 +150%

Each zone has a recommended power rating. If red, you may face great difficulty in beating a base in this zone!


Factions provides players with the opportunity to play as both Autobots and Decepticons from a single account.

  • Players may unlock up to 35 new bots of the opposing faction for competing in PvP battles and events!
  • Players will unlock Factions at Headquarters Level 8, and will be able to claim an Autobot/Decepticon Crystal via an achievement to unlock 4 bots of the opposing faction.
  • Crystal Shards will be neutral for both factions - you choose to spend them on an Autobot or Decepticon 3-Star, 4-Star or 5-Star Crystal!

Please see our FAQs for additional information here.


Collections sorts all of your bots in the game by the team they are part of and provides additional details regarding the breakdown of each team.

  • In the Details view of your Collection, you will see an exact breakdown of the bots you own.
  • Every bot in your collection gives points that count towards your overall Collections score.
  • Your total score not only places you in the Collections Leaderboard (which is completely separate from all other leaderboards), but also gives you a decal for the Tier you are in.

Please see our FAQs for additional information here.

Raid Battles

An alliance war mode where an entire alliance works together to overcome multiple strong raid bases to collect Raid Points and unlock rewards.

Please see the Raid Battles page for the full details.

Elimination Mode

A PVP war mode where you can use a bot only once during the week and win z-Energon.

Please see our Currencies page for additional information on z-Energon: here

Maximum Z-Energon rewards:
Zone 6 - 800
Zone 7 - 900
Zone 8 - 1,000
Zone 9 - 1,250
Zone 10 - 1,500
Zone 11 - 1,800
Zone 12 - 2,000
Zone 13 - 10,000
Zone 14 - 15,000
Zone 15 - 20,000
Prime Zone - N/A

XP Boost is the same as Super XP: