What are Power Cores?

Power Cores enhance and customize your favorite Transformers characters, rendering them deadly in battle. Equip Optimus Prime with the Autobot Matrix of leadership, crown Decepticon traitor Starscream or simply add Trithyllium plating to protect your warriors.

But watch out - your enemy’s defenses can also be modified with Power Core technology. Experience anti-air lasers, guided missile launchers and incendiary mortar shells that can turn the tide of Earth Wars!

How to get Power Cores

  • Reach Headquarters Level 6
  • Complete the new campaign Secrets of Nebulos to unlock Power Cores.
  • Construct the Power Core Lab to access Power Cores.
  • Get Power Cores from duplicates in the Space Bridge.
    • 1-Star Duplicate - 1 Bronze Power Core with a lesser chance of a Silver Power Core
    • 2-Star Duplicate - 3 Bronze Power Cores with a lesser chance of a Silver Power Core
    • 3-Star Duplicate - 1 Silver Power Core with a lesser chance of a Gold Power Core
    • 4-Star Duplicate - 1 Gold Power Core
  • Power Cores may also be obtained by redeeming special Power Core Chips which may be obtained as event rewards.
      • Please note that that HQ cores aren't equipable until HQ16.

Equip and Enhance!

  • Improve your Bots & Buildings by equipping them with Power Cores.
  • Equipped Power Cores may be viewed in the bottom-right panel within a bots profile
  • Fuse spare Power Cores in the Power Core Lab to boost the strength and level of your favorites!
  • There are three Power Core rarities, listed below with their level caps:
    • Gmetal - Maximum Level 20
    • Gold - Maximum Level 15
    • Silver - Maximum Level 10
    • Bronze - Maximum Level 5

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