What are Power Cores?

Power Cores enhance and customize your favorite Transformers characters, rendering them deadly in battle. Equip Optimus Prime with the Autobot Matrix of leadership, crown Decepticon traitor Starscream or simply add Trithyllium plating to protect your warriors.

But watch out - your enemy’s defenses can also be modified with Power Core technology. Experience anti-air lasers, guided missile launchers and incendiary mortar shells that can turn the tide of Earth Wars!

How to get Power Cores

  • Reach Headquarters Level 6
  • Complete the new campaign Secrets of Nebulos to unlock Power Cores.
  • Construct the Power Core Lab to access Power Cores.
  • Get Power Cores from duplicates in the Space Bridge.
    • 1-Star Duplicate - 1 Bronze Power Core with a lesser chance of a Silver Power Core
    • 2-Star Duplicate - 3 Bronze Power Cores with a lesser chance of a Silver Power Core
    • 3-Star Duplicate - 1 Silver Power Core with a lesser chance of a Gold Power Core
    • 4-Star Duplicate - 1 Gold Power Core
  • Power Cores may also be obtained by redeeming special Power Core Chips which may be obtained as event rewards.
  • * Please note that that HQ cores aren't equipable until HQ16.

Equip and Enhance!

  • Improve your Bots & Buildings by equipping them with Power Cores.
  • Equipped Power Cores may be viewed in the bottom-right panel within a bots profile
  • Fuse spare Power Cores in the Power Core Lab to boost the strength and level of your favorites!
  • There are three Power Core rarities, listed below with their level caps:
    • Gold - Maximum Level 15
    • Silver - Maximum Level 10
    • Bronze - Maximum Level 5

Please see our FAQs for additional information HERE.

Building Power Cores

  • Stats listed are for Gold Power Cores

Explosive Shells

Category: Auto Cannon

bld_explosiveshells.pngDeals 54% of original damage to all targets in a small area. No knockback.


Category: Mortar

bld_incendiary.png Fiery explosions deal damage over 6 seconds. +14% attack damage. No knockback.

Target Protocol

Category: Mortar

bld_targetprotocol.png Prioritizes gunners and medics. Attack range increased by 15%. Damage reduced to 64%.

Guided Missiles

Category: Missile Launcher

bld_guidedmissiles.pngLaser guided single-target missiles. Deals 64% of original damage.


Category: Universal

bld_Attack.png +4% attack damage.


Category: Universal

bld_Armor.png +5% building health.

Self Repair

Category: Universal

bld_selfrepair.pngRestores 0.36% health per second.

Anti-Air Laser

Category: Laser Turret

bld_antiairlaser.png +36% attack range and +106% damage. Can only attack airborne targets.

Point Defense Beam

Category: HQ

Point_Defense_Beam.png Deals damage to a single target. Can damage airborne targets and prioritizes gunners.


Category: HQ

Omni_Flamer.png Torches all nearby enemies, dealing damage.

Bot Power Cores

  • Stats listed are for Gold Power Cores

Flak Jacket

Category: Gunner

bot_flakjacket.png15% reduced damage from Mortars and Missile Launchers.

Death Pulse

Category: Warrior

bot_deathpulse.png On 0 health: EMP explosion stunning targets in a large area for 2.8 seconds.


Equips to: All bots, 2-Star and higher

bot_Attack.png Boosts damage of regular attacks by 4%.


Category: Universal

bot_vitality.png+5% to bot's health.


Category: Universal

bot_rejuvenate.png1.8% health every 10 seconds.


Category: Universal

bot_tactician.pngBot prioritises defences for 32 seconds after deployment.


Category: Universal

bot_wallbuster.pngDamage to walls increased by 14%. Affects normal attacks and troop abilities including Slog’s Seismic Charge and Rush Abilities.

Reflective Coating

Category: Air

bot_reflectivecoating.png15% protection from Laser Turrets and Beam Lasers.

Optimus Prime's Matrix

Category: Bot Specific
Equips to: Optimus Prime, 2-Star and higher

bot_optimusprimesmatrix.pngIncreases Optimus Prime's health by 5.5%. Till all are one!

Starscream's Crown

Category: Bot Specific
Equips to: Starscream

bot_starscreamscrown.pngIncreases Starscream's basic attack damage by 4.5%. Shiny!

Volatile Mixture

Category: Gunner

bot_volatilemixture.pngIncreases special ability damage by 5%.

Ray Boosters

Category: Medic

bot_rayboosters.pngIncreases power of healing done by 5%.

Trithyllium Plating

Category: Warrior

bot_trithylliumplating.png 18% reduced damage from Auto Cannons.

Grimlock's Crown

Category: Bot Specific
Equips to: Grimlock

bot_grimlockscrown.png Increases Grimlock's ability damage and movement speed

Razorclaw's Gun

Category: Bot Specific
Equips to: Razorclaw

bot_razorclawsgun.png Increases Razorclaw's ability damage and health

Chrome Jetfire

Category: Bot Specific
Equips to: Jetfire

bot_chromejetfire.png Increases Jetfire's basic attack damage. For Science!

Battle-hardened Megatron

Category: Bot Specific
Equips to: Megatron

bot_battlehardenedmegatron.png Increases Megatron's health. Die, Autobots!

Rodimus Prime’s Matrix

Category: Bot Specific
Equips to: Rodimus Prime

rodimusPrime_core.png Reduces damage taken from Shock Towers, Beam Lasers and Auto Cannons.

Motormaster’s Sword

Category: Bot Specific
Equips to: Motormaster

motormaster_core1.png Reduces damage taken from Shock Towers, Beam Lasers and Auto Cannons.

What are Prime Cores?

Each Prime Core carries a fragment of a Prime’s ability and grants it to the Cybertronian who wields it. Containing power far beyond that of a standard Power Core, Prime Cores are unique items that will change the way you approach a battle.

Important Facts about Prime Cores:

  • You can only get 1 copy of each Prime Core. Think carefully about which bot gets it!
  • Prime Cores can’t be fused into other cores, so there’s no risk of losing them.
  • Prime Cores have a maximum level of 20.
  • Prime Cores are given through Prime Core Chips. Every Prime Core Chip guarantees a new Prime Core - no duplicates!
  • When Prime Cores are released, there will be 3 Prime Cores available. New Prime Cores will be added to the game regularly until all 12 are released.

Prime Cores

Liege Maximo

liege_maximo.pngNearby outpost bots are hacked for a short time. You cannot be hacked.


megatronus.pngElemental flame surrounds you, dealing a percentage of your damage every second to targets next to you.


micronus.pngRestores health to all nearby teammates every 5 seconds.

Alchemist Prime

alchemist.pngAll of your attacks heal you for a percentage of the Damage done.

Vector Prime

Vector_Prime_Core.JPGOn 0 health, you go back in time to the location and health you had some seconds ago. One use per battle!