Q) What are Power Cores?

A) Power Cores are mysterious objects originating from planet Nebulos. They bring exciting new ways to enhance your Bots and defenses with a variety of game-changing effects.

Q) Who can access Power Cores?

A) Anyone from HQ Level 6 and above

Q) How do you unlock the Power Cores feature?

A) To access your Power Cores, you'll need to complete the new campaign "Secrets of Nebulos" and construct a new Power Core Lab building.

Q) How do you obtain Power Cores?

A) Power Cores are obtained mainly from duplicate bots in the Space Bridge. You'll also be able to get Power Cores as well as special Power Core Chips (equivalent to a Bot Crystal) from event rewards.

Q) I haven't built the Power Core Lab yet, but received a Power Core, where is it?

A) Don't worry, your Power Core is safely stored. Build the lab and you will be able to view it.

Q) What do the rarities of Power Cores mean?

A) Power Cores have 3 Rarities - Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The rarity of a core indicates how strong it's starting stats are as well as how high it can be leveled up. This means that the potential strength of a Gold Core is higher than a Bronze Core because you can level it higher.

Q) What are the level caps for each Rarity of Power Core?


  • Bronze - Level 5
  • Silver - Level 10
  • Gold - Level 15

Q) Can I pair any Power Core rarity with any bot?

A) The bot must be 2 star and above to equip a Power Core. You can pair any rarity of Power Core with a 2 star and above bot.

Q) Why are some Power Cores Circular and others are Square?

A) The circular Power Cores are for Bots, while the Power Cores in a square bracket are for Buildings.

Q) How many Power Cores can I have?

A) There is a limit of 6000 Power Cores that you can have in your inventory. If you reach this limit, additional Power Cores you earn will convert into Energon instead.

Q) I can't find a Power Core I just got, where is it?

A) Power Cores are divided into a variety of types. You can narrow down finding the Power Core you just received by whether it was a Bot or a Building Power Core, then by which type of Bot or Building it affected.

Q) Will my buildings and Bots look different with a Power Core equipped?

A) Many Power Cores come with visual effects that help to distinguish the special functionalities of the core. Additionally, some bot Power Cores come with visual changes to the bot such as a crown for Starscream or Matrix of Leadership for Optimus Prime.

Q) Why can't I equip building Power Cores from the Power Core Lab?

A) To equip a Power Core to a building you simply need to find that building in your base and equip it from that buildings Menu. This is different from bots because it would be very difficult for anyone to distinguish between one Auto Cannon and another if they were just in a menu together.

Q) Why do Power Cores cost different resources to equip and Fuse?

A) Resource costs were kept thematically in line with buildings and bots. Normally buildings cost more Alloy while bots consume more Energon so Building Power Cores will use Alloy while Bot Power Cores will use Energon.

Q) What is Power Core Fusing?

A) Power Core Fusing is a process in which you can sacrifice your unused Power Cores in order to make another Power Core stronger (by increasing its level and thus its stats).

Q) I am trying to Fuse more Cores into a different Power Core but I can't.

A) Most likely this means that you've reached the max level of that Power Core. If the upgrade bar to the right of the Power Core graphic is full then it will be maxed out after that fusion. That core is now as strong as it will get.

Q) How is "Replacing" a core different from equipping?

A) If you try to equip a Power Core to a bot that already has a Power Core Equipped, you will be prompted with the option to replace the existing core. This option is slightly different from equipping because it automatically includes the Unequip step. When replacing a Power Core, the costs of each step are summed together and presented in a single action.

Q) I fused a Power Core and now it's gone!

A) When you Fuse Power Cores into another Power Core the one being Fused is consumed and converted into Experience for the target Power Core. Be careful when selecting Power Cores to Fuse because you don't want to accidentally Fuse something you wanted to keep!

Q) Can I remove a Power Core and use it on another bot or building?

A) Absolutely! Any Power Core you put in can be unequipped by using your Energon or Alloy.

Q) Will a Power Core change the Power Rating of my bot?

A) Yes, every Power Core will provide a percentage based boost to your bot's power rating.

Q) Can I Fuse a Building Power Core into a Bot Power Core and vice versa?

A) No. You can only Fuse Building Power Cores into Building Cores and Bot Power Cores into Bot Cores.

Q) If a bot in an outpost is equipped with a Power Core, does the Power Core enhancement apply?

A) Yes, a bot with an equipped Power Core will gain the same advantages while assigned to an outpost as they do in battles.