Table of Contents

11-April-2020 - Release 74.3-f

  • C.O.M.B.A.T. Bots have arrived! These new equippable bots allow you to change the weapons of your existing bots or add battle companions to any bot.
    • For more information about C.O.M.B.A.T. Bots, check out our wiki page here: C.O.M.B.A.T. Bots

31-March-2020 - Release 73.1-e

  • Headquarters 17 is here! This will bring a lot of exciting new changes to the game! Let’s see what HQ 17 will bring to the Earth Wars.
    • Upgraded Buildings
    • Research Lab Extra Slot
    • Bots Level 65
    • Player Rank Level 90
    • More Ability Points
    • Extended Battle Tim
    • Battle Zone 15 and Prime Zone
    • Zone Rebalance
    • Balancing War Leagues
    • Increased XP

31-January-2020 - Release 71.3-c

  • 50 new Achievements added aimed to encourage and reward your game progress from the Rookie levels to the most Veteran ones! The new achievements will require you to:
    • Upgrade your HQ level
    • Build a Shield Generator
    • Build a Combiner Beacon
    • Upgrade the Shuttle
    • Upgrade the Research Lab
    • Complete the Return to Cybertron Campaign
    • Collect 5-Star Bots
    • Train Bots to level 60
    • Collect all Prime Cores
    • Upgrade your Combiners
    • Collect PvP Medals
    • Upgrade Power Cores

10-January-2020 - Release 70.4-b

  • From this Thursday and onwards the following effects will be live in Prime League:
    • Headquarters gains an additional 25% resistance to ability damage raising the overall resistance to 75%.
    • All defences get +10% HP and +10% Dps increase.*

13-December-2019 - Release

  • The newest rotation of 5-Star bots is coming this week!
    • 5-Star Autobots:
      • First Aid
      • Hot Spot
      • Sandstorm
      • Goldfire
      • Rust Dust
    • New Decepticon Cores:
      • 5-Star Scourge
      • Reflector
      • Tantrum
      • Octone
      • Ramjet
      • Scavenger

15-November-2019 - Release

  • 8 new G1 Power Cores are coming this week!
    • New Autobot Cores:
      • G1 Swoop
      • G1 Sunstreaker
      • G1 Gnaw
      • G1 Skyburst
    • New Decepticon Cores:
      • G1 Scourge
      • G1 Swindle
      • G1 Gnaw
      • G1 Onslaught

30-October-2019 - Release

  • G.I. Joe are entering the Earth Wars! You will get the chance to unlock Joe team vehicle versions of Autobots Hound and Jetfire, and Cobra versions of Decepticons Soundwave and Skywarp.

25-September-2019 - Release

  • Prime League Update is coming soon!
    • Defensive building have 5% increased health
    • Defensive buildings explode upon death dealing 5x the dps of that building to any targets in a close range around it.
    • Walls have 15% less health

11-September-2019 - Release

  • Gmetal is coming soon! Gmetal is a new rarity of power cores entirely, more powerful than bronze, silver and even gold!
  • Combiner Beacon Assign a Combiner to defend your base and choose the defensive ability you wish to be used on defense.

28-August-2019 - Release

  • Combiner Outpost will be available soon, and you will be able to assign your Combiner to defend your base when under attack. It will also allow you to pick one of their abilities to use.

7-August-2019 - Release

  • New Combiners Defensor & Abominus are arriving at the end of the current saga.
  • Prime League update:
    • Defences heal for 15% of the damage dealt
    • Defences resist 10% of Ability damage
    • 3 Sharkticons spawn when a defensive building is destroyed (3-star level 50).

21-June-2019 - Release

  • A new battle league - Prime League is now live! Prime League is reserved for our very top and most skilful alliances! If you lose one battle in Prime League you are immediately demoted back to Cybertron League.

8-June-2019 - Release

  • The new Legacy 4 Crystal has been released:
    • Elita-1 & Lugnut
    • Blaster & Soundwave
    • Sludge & Straxus
    • Prowl & Brawl
    • Ratchet & Hook
  • Titans have entered the game! You can face them live in Raid Battles
  • The Shanix Store has received an update:
    • Squad Core Chip added to the store
    • Power Core Chips have been removed as they have not been very popular

8-June-2019 - Release

  • The new Legacy 4 Crystal has been released:
    • Elita-1 & Lugnut
    • Blaster & Soundwave
    • Sludge & Straxus
    • Prowl & Brawl
    • Ratchet & Hook
  • Titans have entered the game! You can face them live in Raid Battles
  • The Shanix Store has received an update:
    • Squad Core Chip added to the store
    • Power Core Chips have been removed as they have not been very popular

30-May-2019 - Release

  • New 5-Star Bots Arriving! Some of the bots in this 5-Star batch have been buffed!
      • Snarl & Hun-Gurrr
        • The Special Ability damage have been increased by 66%. The special ability cost increase is now 2 points.
        • For every star level, Snarl and Hun-Gurr have a passive effect dealing a percentage of your damage every second to targets next to you.
      • Rodimus Prime & Motormaster
        • The 5-Star gets a 33% damage increase to their ability buff in comparison to the other Star versions.
      • Warpath & Skullsmasher
      • Arcee & Nightbird
        • At 5 stars, the decoy takes a bigger percentage of the health of Arcee and Nightbird.
      • Perceptor & Bombshell
        • For every star level, Perceptor and Bombshell have a passive effect that hacks any outpost bot once per battle for 5.5 secs.
        • The reuse cost of their ability has been decreased from 3 to 2.
        • At 5-Stars, the defenses controlled by the bots special ability deal 85% of their regular damage (75% at previous star levels)
        • At 5 stars, the confusion duration lasts longer: From 7.8 secs at level 1 to 14.8 secs at level 10

2-May-2019 - Release

  • New Defensive Cores! These 5 new cores are available through bot duplicates from Bot Crystals and Power Core Chips (including all the ones you may have stored at the Space Bridge!)
      • Cybertronian Charge - Increases the range of the Beam Laser by a percentage. The longer the beam stays on target the more damage it inflicts (up to a percentage if uninterrupted).
      • Slowdown Photon - Attack range of the Beam Laser increased by a percentage. Slows down opponents walking and attack speed by a percentage.
      • Emp Shock - Stuns targets for seconds. Damage reduced to a percentage. (Shock Tower)
      • Thunderstorm - Range of the Shock Tower increased by a percentage. Damage reduced to a percentage.
      • Laser Ricochet - Damage of the Laser Turret increased by a percentage. The laser bounces to a second target dealing a percentage of the first laser hit.
  • New building! - The Shield Generator when charged shields HQ from all damage and absorbs ability damage for adjacent buildings. Resists 40% of Ability damage.

28-March-2019 - Release 1.74.1-f

  • New Edit Mode - New edit mode experienced some glitches but is now fixed
  • Gunners fix - Gunners were not shooting over walls since last update but is now be fixed
  • Improvement for iOS device crashing issue

24-January-2019 - Release 1.71.2-c

  • We’ve disabled the ability of White Kremzeek booster to target the HQ directly. Taking down the HQ easily from afar goes against our design idea of battles and unfortunately the Adaptive Shielding core did not prove to be a sufficient counterbalance. We are putting the White Kremzeeks in line with similar strong effects like Death Ray. The White Kremzeeks will stay as they are in any other aspect and will still be very useful against other targets than the HQ or in raids.

22-December-2018 - Release 1.70.1-b

  • New G1 Power Cores added:
    • G1 Grimlock & G1 Razorclaw: Increases the special ability damage and generates a shield which absorbs received damage.
    • G1 Ironhide & G1 Bludgeon: Increases the bot's health and gives the bot a chance to taunt nearby defenses.
    • G1 Prowl & G1 Brawl: Increased special ability damage and sets the target on fire dealing extra damage for several seconds.
    • G1 Hot Spot & G1 Tantrum: Generates a permanent protective shield that reflects damage back to the attackers!

17-December-2018 - Release 1.69.1-a

  • Shanix Store opens - Shanix is a unique currency used on Cybertron earned in Raid Battlesn. You can access the Shanix Store in the “Build” menu where you will be able to purchase special items such as:
    • Universal Combiner Spark
    • Ore-13
    • XP Power Cores (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
    • Power Core Chips (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
    • 5-Star Optimus Primal or BW Megatron (Shanix Store Exclusive!)

8-November-2018 - Release 1.68.1-z

  • 5-Star Legacy Crystals have been unlocked! The following 3 different 5-Star Legacy Crystals per faction are available in the shop.
    • Autobots
      • 1: Gnaw Autobot, Grimlock, Hot Rod, Silverbolt, Sunstreaker
      • 2: Drift, Optimus Prime, Skyburst, Wheeljack, Windblade
      • 3: Cheetor, Firefly, Autobot Jazz, Springer, Ultra Magnus
    • Decepticons
      • 1: Gnaw Decepticon, Razorclaw, Nemesis Prime, Thundercracker, Swindle
      • 2: Barricade, Megatron, Onslaught, Shockwave, Divebomb
      • 3: Blackarachnia, Blast Off, Mixmaster, Astrotrain, Galvatron

17-October-2018 - Release 1.67.1-y

  • New rotation of 5-Star bots:
    • Elita-1 & Lugnut: Winners of the last community poll. Unmissable
    • Blaster & Soundwave: A reinvigorated classic. Now stronger than ever
    • Sludge & Straxus: Wall busters ready to collapse traps of all kinds
    • Prowl & Brawl: Enhanced Artillery area damage. Sign me in
    • Ratchet & Hook: Healing Grenades now even better
  • The 10th Prime Core has been released. Quintus Prime: Each time a building or outpost bot is destroyed, create a Sharkticon with a percentage of your Health and Damage that lasts for 7 seconds.

11-October-2018 - Release 1.66.3-x

  • Two new Power Cores added! Enhanced Ordnance increases special ability damage, and Adaptive Shielding adds a percentage reduction to Special Ability and Combiner damage.
  • The following bots will now re-target when their target is destroyed: Kup/Deadend, Firefly/Blastoff, Stormclash/Viper, Jetfire/Starscream, Tracks/Cutthroat, Air Raid/Slipstream, Perceptor/Bombshell, Cosmos/Mindwipe, Powerglide/Cyclonus, Scourge, Silverbolt/Thundercracker, Skydive/Skywarp, Tigerhawk/Waspinator, Skrapnel
  • In order to promote a wider usage of Combiners, we have implemented a new deploy system:
    • All of your Combiners will have an initial Deploy cost of 10 Ore-13
    • Further deployments of the same Combiner will cost 25 Ore-13
    • Not using the same Combiner for 12 hours will reset its deployment cost back to 10 Ore-13

4-October-2018 - Release 1.66.2-x

  • We decided to increase the number of Premium Crystal Shards you receive from winning an Alliance War. The new values are:
    • Junkion League - 100 Premium Shards
    • Carbon League - 125 Premium Shards
    • Bronze League - 150 Premium Shards
    • Silver League - 175 Premium Shards
    • Gold League - 200 Premium Shards
    • Platinum League - 225 Premium Shards
    • Caminus League - 250 Premium Shards
    • Cybertron League - 300 Premium Shards

9-August-2018 - Release 1.64.1-v

  • Inferno's ability cost has been reduced

2-August-2018 - Release 1.63.3-u

  • Alpha Trion Core was buffed! You gain a max of 18 Ability Point every 8.5 seconds.
  • Sky Warp Core has been changed and now includes a description of his actual ability

20-July-2018 - Release 1.63.1-u

  • Bugfixes:
  • Jazz duplicates now have a chance of dropping the correct G1 core for Jazz
  • Mixmaster duplicates now provide the correct combiner spark
  • Cheetor & Blackarachnia will no longer get stuck in battle

13-July-2018 - Release 1.62.3-t

  • G1 Celebration: New character specific power cores for:
  • Optimus Prime & Megatron
  • Blaster & Soundwave
  • Jazz & Mixmaster
  • Wheeljack & Shockwave

06-July-2018 - Release 1.62.2-t

  • New Characters Released: Inferno and Rodimus Unicronus

27-June-2018 - Release 1.62.1-t

  • New Prime Core: Solus Prime

08-June-2018 - Release 1.61.1-s

  • New Characters Released: Tracks and Cutthroat

05-June-2018 - Release 1.61.1-s

  • Bugfixes:
  • Vector Prime no longer crashes the game
  • Alliance Wars will no longer become stuck in certain conditions
  • Windblade will now use her ability in a consistent way
  • Buffs:
  • Snarl / Hun-Gurrr ability improved
  • Galvatron ability improved to be on par with Ultra Magnus
  • Warpath / Skullsmasher stats improved

17-May-2018 - Release 1.60.1-r

  • New 5-Star Bots
  • Autobots: Ultra Magnus, Jazz, Springer, Firefly and Cheetor.
  • Decepticons: Galvatron, Blackarachnia, Mixmaster, Blast Off and Astrotrain.
  • Balance Updates
  • Cheetor and Blackarachnia received a substantial buff to their stats.
  • Bug Fixes
  • If certain bots did not have a target after spawning from an outpost, they would use their ability multiple times as soon as they found a target again.
  • When backing out of the shuttle, edit changes will now be saved for the displayed squad.
  • Squad power is again being calculated for the squad displayed when opening the shuttle.
  • After releasing collections, some accounts were displaying unowned bots as owned in the details and team screens. Note: Leaderboards were not affected.
  • Troops on cooldown are not displayed as holograms in the collections team views anymore.
  • There were rare occurrences of defensive bots teleporting across the canvas, this was particularly apparent when Victorion/Menasor were using Blade Dash.
  • When bots are fighting they no longer push each other around. Bots are no longer told to maintain distance to the opposing bot. Note: A side effect of this is that bots may now clip each other whilst fighting.
  • Scrolling through the list of Power Cores in the Power Core fusion screen no longer randomly selects Power Cores
  • The ability of Optimus Maximus and Bruticus has been fixed

10-May-2018 - Release 1.59.3-q

03-May-2018 - Release 1.58.2-q

20-April-2018 - Release 1.58.2-p

  • Victorion and Menasor - Two new devastatingly powerful Combiners have been unleashed!

13-April-2018 - Release 1.58.1-p

  • Prime Core - Alchemist Prime - All of your attacks heal you for a percentage of the Damage done.

06-April-2018 - Release 1.57.4-o

  • New Characters Released: Elita-1 and Lugnut

15-March-2018 - Release 1.57.1-o

  • HQ 16 - Headquarters 16 is now available! Here's what you can unlock:
    • New color scheme for your base
    • Equip Power Cores to your HQ16 and turn it into an active defense
    • HQ specific Power Cores can be obtained from bot duplicates
    • 3 Star bots level cap increase 60
    • Cost of ability level 10 upgrades reduced to 750,000 spark
    • Ability points at start of battle increase from 24 to 28
    • Ability point cap in battle increased increased from 30 to 35
    • Many base upgrades (see individual building pages for new level stats)
  • Prime Core - Micronus - Micronus’ healing burst will now happen every 5 seconds instead of 15. The amount of healing will be adjusted accordingly.

8-March-2018 - Release 1.56.3-n

  • Bestial Fury For 15 seconds, triple your attack and movement speeds, heal for 25% of the damage you deal, and use melee attacks dealing bonus damage.

15-February-2018 - Release 1.56.3-m

  • Character Power Cores now drop from duplicates of those Characters.

14-February-2018 - Release 1.56-n

  • You can now see which of your alliance’s bases are defending in a war and also check defensive replays.

1-February-2018 - Release 1.55.1-m

  • New Characters Released: Sky Lynx and Blitzwing
  • Turning off Gifting

1-February-2018 - Release 1.55-m

  • Each Crystal and Bundle will now contain Tool Tips that provide the chances of obtaining the item in the game.

13-December-2017 - Release 1.53.1-k

  • New Battle Boosts Collect the new Blue & White Kremzeek Battle Boosts to increase your damage or stun your target!

3-December-2017 - Release 1.53-k

  • You can now change Power Cores and Upgrade Abilities through the Troop Info screen.
  • It is now possible to go straight into battle after scouting in Alliance Wars

21-November-2017 - Release 1.52-j

  • You can now see the Honour and HQ of Alliance Applicants
  • Alliances can see their Alliance Rank on the Leaderboards

2-November-2017 - Release 1.51.1-i

  • Seaspray/Octopunch - Bot's regular attacks now deals 50% of damage in a small area around the missile explosion. These gunners have relatively larger health but smaller damage and thus were deemed undesirable. Adding splash damage will raise their potential DPS without affecting time to destroy a single target.
  • Power Cores We've also done our first balance pass on a few selected Power Cores. We'll keep listening to your feedback and monitoring the data and bringing you more updates as we go along!
    • Death Pulse - Bot Power Core - Duration increased by 1 second across all levels. Radius increased by 20% (from 4 to 5.2).
    • Rejuvenate - Bot Power Core - Now heals every 5 seconds instead of every 10 seconds. We've halved the restoration to keep the overall power of the healing effect the same. VFX will be adjusted wit the next downloadable store release (~2 weeks).
    • Self Repair - Building Power Core - Healing effect strength has been re-scaled and increased by approximately 50%. Max level Bronze/Silver/Gold cores now restore 0.5/0.85/1.2 percent per second respectively, up from 0.36/0.57/0.78.

18-October-2017 - Release 1.50.1-h

  • Power Cores has been released. Bolster your troops and fortify your base by equipping Power Cores to your buildings and troops. See our Power Cores page for additional information

26-September-2017 - Release 1.49.1-g

  • Volcanicus and Predaking - Two new devastatingly powerful Combiners have been unleashed!

8-September-2017 - Release 1.48.2-f

  • Ricochet (Laser Optimus/Armada Megatron) - Ability cost decreased by 1. Cast range increased by 2 from 9 to 11. These changes should make it easier to launch the ability and make it a more compelling choice cost wise.
  • Fusion Bomb (Air Raid/Slipstream) - Increased movement speed of the plane and the projectile to make the ability more responsive. Ability cost increase on repeated use lowered from 3 to 2. This change will make the strike faster to hit the target.

10-August-2017 - Release 1.47.1-e

  • Seismic Charge (Slog/Straxus) - Ability cost decreased by 1 (8 to 7). This ability is very situational and although the damage potential is outstanding, in most cases it's hard to pull off. This small improvement should tip things into a better balance.
  • Deploy Minions (Blaster/Soundwave) - Doubled cast range (6 to 12). This change will make it easier to direct your minions and deploy them closer to intended target.
  • Orbital Bounce (Kup/Dead End) - Decreased cast range by 10% (20 to 18), increased initial and continued use cost by 1 (ie. 5, 6, 7 instead of 4, 5, 6). This ability gives an immense strategic advantage as well as a powerful shield. We carefully evaluate the performance of each bot, and with the previous cost and range the ability was just way overpowered.
  • Release The Hounds/Holo Assault (Hound/Drag Strip) - Reduced ability cost by 1 (7 to 6). It's a fairly strong and reliable ability, but also one that does not receive enough credit (right next to Whirlwind). We want to see what effect the cost lowering will have to its popularity.
  • Temporary Change: Rush and Smash no longer targets outpost bots (to prevent Combiners from running off the base)

6-July-2017 - Release 1.45.2-c

  • Increased health of "Scout" characters by 20%. Autobots: Bumblebee, Rust Dust, Perceptor. Decepticons: Skrapnel, Scavenger, Bombshell.
  • Increased health of "Deployers" (Blaster, Soundwave) by over 18%.
  • Increased base duration of EMP Bomb for 5-star Silverbolt and Thundercracker by 4 seconds from 14 to 18 seconds (~6 second difference at ability lvl 10).
  • Blessing of the Matrix/Power of the Darkness (Rodimus/Nemesis Prime) - Made the ability more immediate and easy to use (increased projectile speed, reduced cast time, increased cast range from 15 to 19).
  • Mini Laser (Huffer/Lockdown) - Increased potential life-span of Mini Lasers by 50% (from 30 to 45 seconds).

21-June-2017 - Release 1.44.2

An avalanche of AVATARS! Get a new avatar for every unique bot unlocked for your faction. Yes, including Combiners!

NEW BOTS: Laser Optimus Prime & Armada Megatron. The Multiverse saga is well underway and we hope you’re enjoying the universe-spanning adventures of Drift & Barricade. These new bots will be available from 7th July.

15-June-2017 - Release 1.44.1

  • Sort your bot collection by either Star Rating or Power. Unlocks at HQ 8!

01-June-2017 - Release 1.43.3

  • NEW SQUAD SLOT - Maximize your time in battle with an additional preconfigured team. Unlock Squad Slot 9 at 80,000 Combined Power.

18-May-2017 - Release 1.43.1

  • POLYHEX: Your chance to add SLOG or STRAXUS to your team on 19th MAY.
  • ALLIANCE WARS: Ever wondered how many battle attempts your alliance members have left during a war? You’ve requested it and we’ve added it!
  • BATTLE REPLAYS: Look behind you! Full 360 degree camera rotation during replays!

26-April-2017 - Release 1.42.1

    • Introducing camera control, putting you in the director’s chair! Get up close to the action by tapping on a bot’s portrait.
    • Tap share in your Battle History to save your replays to your device and share them online!
  • GIFTING: Use Cyber Coins to send & receive crystals between your Alliance. Tap “Get Now” in the shop under a Premium or Character Crystal and select “Gift Item” to send that crystal to a member of your Alliance!
    • EMP Bomb (Bumblebee/Skrapnel) can no longer stun Shock Towers.
    • Players will no longer become stuck in ‘slow mo’ when selecting an ability during a battle.
    • Bot behaviour improvements during battles.

13-April-2017 - Release 1.39.2

  • Equalized Tantrum's health and damage stats with Hot Spot.
  • Healing Grenade (Ratchet/Hook) - Increased health restoration by 50%. Ability level scaling increased by 20% (from 4 to 5%).

30-March-2017 - Release 1.39

  • Beast Wars: A new series of characters and events, featuring story from TV show writer Simon Furman.
  • Alliance Improvements: Battle Replay channel and an additional Officer.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • There is now feedback on the ability bar to indicate when your bot is stunned during battle.
    • ‘Autobot Outpost’ text appeared for Decepticon players in some cases.
    • Further reductions in overall memory usage to improve game stability on iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 devices.
    • Battle Replay results appeared the opposite way for other members of the alliance. Battle replays posted for a defence win appeared as an attack defeat when viewed by other players.
    • Combiner timer no longer displayed in squad select for alternate faction.
    • Camera movement is now correctly restored after a Combiner’s death.
    • Bot behaviour improvements during battles.
    • Players will no longer see the alliance war failed message when they have battle attempts remaining.
    • All players can now see the Headquarters level 15 unlocked achievement.

23-March-2017 - Release 1.38.2

  • Balancing Changes
    • Incendiary Barrage (Swindle/Sunstreaker) now displays approximate damage instead of duration (stats unchanged).
    • Whirlwind (Octopunch/Seaspray) cost reduced from 5 to 4.
    • Earth Shatter (Optimus Maximus/Bruticus) - Cast range increased by 1. Damage to walls increased by 16%.
    • Bruticus - Frantic Rage ability range corrected (was not matching Optimus Maximus).

16-March-2017 - Release 1.38.1

  • Factions have arrived!
    • Are you a hero or a villain? For the first time you don’t have to choose. Lead both Autobots and Decepticons for the first time from a single account!
    • Increase your team power and battle with up to 35 new characters in PVP and events!
    • Feature available from HQ 8 and above.

23-February-2017 - Release 1.37

  • Performance & stability improvements
  • Visual improvements to bots in the Team screen
  • Masked alliance & player names visible
  • Improved Battle Zone selection flow - now takes place after squad selection
  • Feel the boost! Battle Boosts that deliver damage or healing now scale up and improve with player’s HQ level, for example: Smart Bomb Mk3, previously dealing a flat 600 damage will now scale up to 2280 damage if used by an HQ15 player.
  • Troops will no longer be interrupted and stop in their tracks during deployment. We’ve observed closely how defensive tactics evolve for some time now. And while we don’t think the deployment zone should be a safe area (bots can still be damaged there), we want players to have a high degree of control over where their bots go at the start of the battle. Hopefully this will provide for more predictable and dependable battle behaviour and help you take better control of your strategy.
  • Transformers characters are brighter and more vibrant on some devices!
  • Combiners: Sometimes it looked like your combiner had levelled up multiple times (unfortunately they hadn’t) which is now resolved.
  • Fix: Long waits for alliance war for a small number of alliances
  • Battle Fix: Airstrike abilities could be interrupted by Inspiring Charge.
  • Battle Fix: Using another ability under the effect of inspiring charge could cause a permanent speed increase
  • Team View: Sideswipe has sound effects added!

16-February-2017 - Release 1.36.3

  • Defense Hack - Reduced ability point cost from 5 to 4.
  • Mini Laser - Reduced ability point cost from 4 to 3.
  • Fire Rush - Ability description now shows approximate damage dealt instead of duration

09-February-2017 - Release 1.36.2

  • 5-Star Crystals and bots added

26-January-2017 - Release 1.36.1

  • New Combiners: Optimus Maximus and Bruticus
  • 5-Star Crystal Shards added
  • New Loading and Battle Screens
  • Players can now use the War Chat whilst battling in a masked Alliance War
  • Added bot portraits with star rating and power level to bottom left during battle replays
  • There is now a tooltip to show when you have enough shards for a crystal
  • Fixed the team screen camera stuttering when you rotate a bot on iPhone 6s
  • Fixed Strafe’s ability from switching to the wrong target
  • Fixed Scourge's ability from occasionally firing shots incorrectly
  • Fixed Firefly's ability from occasionally targeted incorrectly
  • Fixed the ability to target beyond the intended range with the Inspiring Charge ability (Optimus Prime/Megatron)
  • Fixed some bots getting stuck in alt-mode when used in the outpost
  • Fixed the issue with the logo clipping on iPhone 5
  • Fixed Mortar shell VFX from being left on screen in some instances
  • Fixed returning bots from remaining static after Combiner timeouts
  • Fixed Healers chasing aerial bots
  • Fixed the Ability buttons to be correctly removed when bots die in battle
  • Fixed the Alliance decline button from occasionally going missing
  • 1.36.1 release improves stability on the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPad Mini 2 & iPad Air

12-January-2017 - Release 1.35.1

  • Fixed the bug with Nano-frost misfiring and not having any effect.
  • Blaster & Soundwave - Health and damage increased by 5%
  • Defense Hack (Bombshell) - Hacked defenses deal 50% more damage. Target still attacks at 2x attack speed but now with 75% damage (up from 50%).
  • Whirlwind (Seaspray/Octopunch) ability cost decreased by 1 from 6 to 5.
  • Increased ability cast range by 2 for - EMP Bomb (Bumblebee/Skrapnel), Glass Gas Rockets (Kickback/Cliffjumper), Artillery Support (Rust Dust/Scavenger)
  • To make things fair & competitive, we want to give both pairs of Rocket Barrage gunners equal stats. This encompasses the following changes:
  • Long Haul is given the stats of Alpha Bravo (means more damage, less health).
  • Prowl & Brawl - stats equalized at a point close to Prowl. This means a bump in damage at cost of health for Brawl and a bump in health at a tiny fraction of damage for Prowl (4-Star level 60 bot power changed from 1147 to 1141).
  • Walls Level 15 - Health decreased from 17k to 16k.
  • Design Commentary: We think that the max level walls are a bit stronger than they should be considering the data and player sentiment around them. This is a small step-change and isn’t likely to affect the game by visible margin, but we are thinking about further balancing changes as well as new abilities/boosts that may help players fight with “time trap” base designs. Ideally there should be no ‘optimal’ base layout (which means more choice for players to decide on their flavour of defensive strategy).

10-January-2017 - Release 1.35

  • Fixed the Free Crystal timer display issue.
  • Fixed a series of bugs related to resuming campaign battles.
  • Battle History: the share button was not shown in some cases.
  • Combiners: The battle clock no longer counts down when the combiner is forming.
  • Scouting: You can no longer tap and find the location of hidden stasis mines during a war.
  • Headquarters upgrade 11, 12 & 13 achievements are now shown correctly in Google Play.

08-December-2016 - Release 1.33.2

Following the increase of Max Player Rank to 75, and after many player requests and heightened anticipation, Headquarters Level 15 is now available! You asked, and we listened! After months of hard work, we’re ready to provide to you with the tools to further strengthen your most powerful team of bots and enhance your toughest defenses.

  • More powerful bots: 4 Star Bots can now be upgraded to Level 60!
  • Upgrade your scanner for access to a New Battle Zone!
  • Fortify your defenses with 6 Extra Walls and 1 Extra Missile Launcher !
  • Maximize the strength of your base with 18 Additional Building Upgrades!

01-December-2016 - Release 1.33.1

  • Additional squad slots are now here! After a great deal of careful crafting and testing, we are happy to announce that based on your player feedback you may now maximize your time in battle by unlocking additional squad slots! Utilize up to a maximum of 8 preconfigured teams to ensure that every bot in your roster gets a turn in battle. Additional squad slots are unlocked based on the combined power of all of your bots.

Squad Slots Minimum Combined Squad Power
3 0
4 10,000
5 20,000
6 35,000
7 50,000
8 65,000

24-November-2016 - Release 1.32.4

  • Holo Decoy (Arcee and Nightbird) - Decoy's attacks now have an EMP effect that disables enemy bots and defenses. Ability cast range increased by 30% and the Decoy spawns precisely on target.
  • Medic Class Bots - Bot behavior has changed, healers will not engage in ranged combat as long as there is at least one other bot on the field (this means they will not run into trouble when bots are full health). Healing no longer requires line of sight (can be used over walls) and range has been increased slightly.
  • Ultra Barrage (Ultra Magnus) - Ability Cast range increased by 1 from 15 to 16 (now equal with Galvatron).

08-November-2016 - Release 1.32.1-combinersOn

  • Combiners Online! - Experience the destructive power of Superion and Devastator in the newest campaign Combiner Wars! Complete the campaign to unlock new Combiner buildings and resources: Combiner Lab, Ore-13 Harvester and Storage.

03-November-2016 - Release 1.32.1

  • Blaster and Soundwave - Health and damage increased, speed reduced slightly (this means they'll be less likely to run into trouble ahead of the pack).
  • Gnaw - Should now behave properly in Bot vs Bot encounters.
  • Mini Laser (Huffer) - Ability range and cast range increased, line of sight not required, cost on repeated use decreased. Mini Laser prioritizes enemy defenses and is less likely to be attacked by them.

27-October-2016 - Release 1.31.4

  • Attacking troops are more likely to engage defensive bots when acquiring new targets.
  • Gunners are now less likely to shoot down walls and more likely to walk around them (same change coming to air units in the next release)

20-October-2016 - Release 1.31.3

  • Whirlwind (Octopunch and Seaspray) - Damage radius increased from 1.7 to 1.9.

13-October-2016 - Release 1.31.2

  • Fusion Beam (Galvatron) - Deals correct amount of damage to the final target (was 10% lower than advertised)
  • Onslaught & Skyburst - Damage and health now equal. Overall damage boosted. Attack projectile spread and splash radius increased, projectile count increased from 4 to 5 missiles per attack (damage adjusted accordingly). This damage increase also means their ability deals more damage.

Dev Comments: After looking at the data and player sentiment, we found out that these two bots are not as strong as we wanted them to be. Also, Skyburst had a big damage advantage over Onslaught - who had more health, but health is not the most desirable attribute of a long range gunner. Now both bots are equal and deal more damage across a larger area while having a fair health pool.

  • Fixed targeting issues with Ultra Magnus’ ability
  • Fixed some of the occasional issues around gunners abandoning their ability target after a few seconds in order to fire at something else.

06-October-2016 - Release 1.31.1

  • Share Battle Replays with your Alliance - tap the "Share" button from your Battle History and show off your latest victories with your Alliance!
  • Sideswipe's portrait updated.
  • Pre-battle screen switched back to Optimus Prime and Megatron.
  • Grimlock behaviour improvements - Grimlock will no longer push other bots to the edge of the battle screen.

22-September-2016 - Release 1.30.2

  • Behaviour improvements to all bots - When retargeting, bots are more likely to attack defensive bots than nearby buildings.
  • Defense Hack (Bombshell) - Ability cast range increased from 14 to 16. Duration increased by 10%.
  • Healers - Increased attack (not heal) range slightly to keep them out of harm’s way when not healing.
  • Galvatron - Ability range increased from 15 to 16.
  • Ultra Magnus - Ability range increased from 13 to 15.
  • Cluster Strike - Increased cast range, increased area of effect, reduced spread
  • Line Barrage - Reduced cost by 1, increased splash damage radius.
  • Bombing Run - Cost reduced by 1, increased splash damage radius.
  • EMP Rockets (Mirage/Breakdown) - Cost reduced by 1, increased splash radius by 50%, increased projectile spread, base duration increased by 0.5s, upgrades add 0.4s (from 0.35s)
  • Quick Strike - Cost on repeated use increased by 1, to bring it a bit in line with other Airstrikes.
  • Huffer has upgraded his 'Baby Turret' with something more impressive, it also has extra 10% damage and health.

15-September-2016 - Release 1.30.1

  • Autobot Jazz and Mixmaster now have equal stats. This means more damage for Autobot Jazz (but less health) and less damage for Mixmaster (but more health). Overall, this change is not large and will be most visible at the high-end spectrum of the game (where the imbalance was greatest), and helps us make the game more balanced AND more fair for all players across both factions.

12-September-2016 - Release 1.30

  • Strafe & Scourge - Fire Mission - the cost to use the ability repeatedly raised by 1 (from 4 to 5).

08-September-2016 - Release 1.29.3

  • Alliance Member Requests have been moved to a separate chat.

23-August-2016 - Release 1.29.1

  • Mini Turret cost reduced by 1.

18-August-2016 - Release 1.28.3

  • Cost of Bombing Run reduced by 1.
  • Defense Hack cast range increased.

16-August-2016 - Release 1.29

  • Canvas HUD icons updated.
  • Integrated Galvatron & Ultra Magnus loading screen and pre-battle screen.
  • Fixed being able to use abilities on buildings out of range.
  • Added a "Max Level" and "Needs Research" label to bots in the team screen.

11-August-2016 - Release 1.28.2

  • Fusion Bomb explosion radius increased by 0.1 - will hit buildings all around the target (as intended).

04-August-2016 - Release 1.28.1

  • Vortex & Dustup: Cluster Strike - ability range increased by 1.
  • Huffer: Mini Turret - The health and damage of Mini Turrets has been increased, especially noticeable at early ability levels. This should make the ability much more useful and scalable.

01-August-2016 - Release 1.28

  • New Leaderboards: Events will soon boast global leaderboards with spectacular prizes to be claimed.
  • New Bots: Some of the most requested Transformers characters will be emerging from the Space Bridge shortly… who do you want to join your team next?
  • Medics and Gunners should get stuck much less often.
  • Incendiary Barrage Damage over time component increased by 50% (from 2.4 times DPS at level 1 and 4.8 times DPS at level 10, to 3.6 at level 1 and 7.2 at level 10). Cost increase for repeated use raised from 1 to 2.
  • Line Barrage Impact radius increased by 10%, Cast Range increased by 1.

21-July-2016 - Release 1.27.1

  • Cluster Strike ability buffed - range increased by 2 and damage by 20%.
  • Combat Stimulants & Healing Grenade ability cost reduced by 1.
  • Healing Grenade heal increased by 12%.
  • Holo Decoy health increased.

10-July-2016 - Release 1.27

  • New alliance totalizer events!
  • Squad Selection - save and select up to 3 squads of bots!
  • Star Level and Bot Power added to the Battle Log!
  • Added a restore purchase button for troubleshooting purchases.
  • Various small bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Fixed radius of shock turret - shouldn't hit gunners that fire from max range.
  • Holo Decoy ability cost reduced & decoy health now displays correct value.
  • Cluster Strike ability cast range increased.
  • Bombing Run ability bomb damage radius increased.
  • Quick Strike ability (Divebomb, Windblade) is now quicker and lands closer (cost and damage stays the same).

20-June-2016 - Release 1.26

  • Air Raid has a new fusion bomb ability.
  • Powerglide has a new carpet bombing ability.
  • Thundercracker & Silverbolt have an improved EMP air strike.
  • Bumblebee & Skrapnel have an improved EMP bomb range.
  • Orbital Strike - Damaged and radius slightly reduced.
  • Air Strike - Cost for repeated use increased.
  • Character ability information contains damage and duration stats.
  • Player profiles. Visit another player's base and tap their name to see their stats.

12-May-2016 - Release 1.25

    • Alpha Bravo
    • Jumpstream
    • Dustup
    • Stormclash
    • Windblade.
    • Long Haul
    • Tantrum
    • Vortex
    • Rampage
    • Divebomb.
  • Battle Improvements: Bots make smarter targeting decisions!
  • Ability Improvements: EMP Barrage, EMP Airstrike and more.
  • New 2 Star Crystal.
  • Daily & Boost Crystals consolidated into a single Free Crystal. Claim it every 8 hours.
  • New Alliance Leagues: Platinum & Cybertron
  • New Languages Added

25-April-2016 - Release 1.24

    • Pyra Magna
    • Rust Dust
    • Sky Burst.
    • Blast Off
    • Onslaught
    • Scrapper.
  • New special abilities including the FUSION BOMB!
  • New weapons and attacks for some bots: Powerglide has a flamethrower, Firefly has a new fire-beam attack.
  • New League Rewards for Alliances: Win up to 150,000 Energon!
  • New Campaign: The Codex Showdown
  • Global Leaderboard Improvements: Visit other players
  • We have reduced the Bot skip costs before battling and also the times at higher levels.
  • Cliffjumper and Kickback are now Gunners and have a new ability.
  • Performance improvements to make the game run faster & smoother.

06-April-2016 - Release 1.23

    • Autobot Jazz
    • Powerglide
    • Air Raid
    • Firefly.
    • Bonecrusher
    • Scavenger
    • Mixmaster
    • Slipstream.
  • LEADERBOARDS: Compare yourself and your alliance with players worldwide
  • The Space Bridge delivers MULTIPLE REWARDS when you receive an Autobot or Decepticon you already own: Energon, Alloy, Crystal Shards & Spark!
  • Crystal Shards: Can be exchanged for special character crystals
  • New Specialist Class: Incorporates Scouts, Leaders & Deployers
  • Scouts (including Bumblebee & Skrapnel) disable defences that they are attacking. Their ability allows them to escape from danger.
  • New special abilities to uncover. Pay attention to both new Transformers characters as well as your existing favorites!
  • We have reduced the Energon cost of HQ upgrades and other buildings.